• 40-55” SMART Signage TV
  • Brix Lo Profile Computer System
  • Logitech Wireless Keyboard (optional)

Unlike other single user signage systems, DreamScape Connection systems are networked together allowing us to access your system remotely to upload new ads, troubleshoot potential problems and ensure your system is operating properly.  As a host, you don’t have to worry about a thing, just collect your revenue share check, we’ll do the rest! As an advertiser on a DreamScape Connection system, you can be sure your ad is playing continuously during business hours at the selected location(s) for thousands of eyes to see every month!



  • Direct traffic to your business and/or website
  • Advertise specials and services using “call to action”
  • Build your product or service into our TV entertainment platform!

We don’t just advertise…we entertain!  Let our creative department produce an original, hilarious mini commercial and keep people watching.  You can upload your commercial to YouTube and use it on your website in addition to having seen by thousands on the DreamScape Connection host network.  Use QR codes the public can scan with their smart phones to get special deals or implement a “TEXT DREAM to 1234” option to collect valuable data we can use to send out offers whenever you’d like.  That’s the marketing you’ve been dreaming about!

What is $2,000 in advertising today?


  • Mailers aren’t effective
  • “Soft Advertising” is 63% more effective
  • Junk Mail and Spam are “Hard Advertising” Methods

Stop throwing your advertising dollars in the trash…literally!  Most of us throw out mailers and coupon packs.  In fact, research shows that on average there’s only a 5% rate of success on expensive, mass mailers.  A typical coupon pack mailer could cost more than $5,000 for a year and reach only 10,000 households (ending up in the trash!).  A DreamScape Connection ad costs less than half that and can reach triple the views in a “soft advertising” environment, like a doctors office, spa or restaurant bar.  Plus, WE DON’T HAVE COMPETING ADS!  Don’t spam your potential customers.  Instead, capture their attention on a DreamScape visual theater in a contained, controlled environment of at least 100 people per day.  The numbers don’t lie….and neither does your trash can.