I want to Host a Flat Screen in the “Revenue Share” Program…

Through our proprietary “Revenue Share” program, your business will make money every month just for hosting our digital advertising technology.  This can offset your lease, pay for additional upgrades to your business, whatever you like!  We share the ad profits with you as the host and have our professional installers design a look and feel for the flat screen in your place of business that’s right for you and your customers.  Our top of the line equipment is sleek, sexy and an all pro addition to your business that makes you money every month.  We like to call it the ultimate WIN/WIN scenario.

Our IT support team is there for you 24/7 but our system is so efficient you won’t even realize it’s running.  Your unit will automatically upload new advertising loops in the middle of the night without you having to do anything.  It will literally be doing the work for you while you sleep and you get paid every month! That’s what we call a DreamScape Connection. Contact Us through the website or call 602-702-2585 and set up an appointment for install today!

I want to Advertise on a qualified Host Flat Screen…

Our Flat Screen Advertising network is a powerful way to drive business toward you..and it’s so easy to get started! As an advertising partner, the picture or video ad of your choice will be displayed on high resolution, commercial grade flat screens throughout trade areas locally, nationwide and/or internationally.

Commercial grade TVs are perfect for advertising and are much different than consumer level flat screens.  A brighter, more visible picture in nearly every environment and position make your beautiful ad even more eye-popping  and brilliant to the viewer.  Not only that, but our built in network is self sustainable and practically free of any possible downtime.  Because of our system protocols, only paid advertising uploaded by DreamScape Connection, LLC can be shown on these specific networked units, so you can be assured that you are getting maximum views. DreamScape flat screens are not and cannot be used for any other method by the client host. So just give us your ad and we will blast it out in the perfect locations for your business for thousands of eyes to see!

Contact Us through the website or call today at 602-702-2585 and connect with one of our friendly, experienced Account Executives who will help you take your business to the next level.