WIN/WIN….Here’s how it works.

Step 1

Our qualified host business (i.e. office/spa/restaurant, etc.) with dedicated customer and patient visitors (at least 100 per day) agrees to placement of the DreamScape Connection, LLC, state of the art equipment including High Definition flat screen(s), and computer software in its retail location(s), waiting room or lounge paid for by our “Revenue Share” program.  This includes all equipment installed by DreamScape Connection, LLC.

Step 2

DreamScape Connection will solicit advertising commitments from product and service providers within the immediate trade area of the host business.  Single ad rates can be expected to range from $600-$2000 and range from 3 to 12 month commitments.

Step 3

DreamScape Connection will create a customized message for our host/business (if needed)  that will be uploaded to our network at a  specific location of choice for one year.  Your custom 12 month ad will begin playing in the location of choice immediately upon installation of the equipment in your establishment.

Step 4

DreamScape Connection truly creates a WIN/WIN in a 20% revenue share with the host business of all advertising proceeds at the time that each sponsor agreement is completed and monies received.  As other businesses join our network and ads are played on your flat screen, you collect 20% of that contract.  A great way to manage ever increasing operating costs as well creating a mutually supportive community network within local trade areas. Could your type of business benefit from global advertising?  Great!  Use our unique, powerful platform reach customers across the country and around the world!

Step 5

Mutual reward and ongoing commitment! In support of this WIN/WIN agreement…our host agrees that the DreamScape Connection.TV message plays continuously during operating hours in support of our sponsors!