Connect With Your Community…and beyond!

Step 1

Our Flat Screen Advertising network is a powerful way to drive business toward you..and it’s so easy to get started! First, sign up as an advertising sponsor with one of our powerful ad packages…single location or multiple locations.  Show your ad locally, throughout the country or go international!

Step 2

As an advertising partner, the picture or video ad of your choice will be displayed on high resolution, digital signage flat screens throughout the valley.  Just send us your digital ad in the highest resolution possible.  Don’t have one? That’s okay, we’ll create one for you! Your ad will start playing immediately at the location(s) you choose.

Step 3

Stay updated on on marketing data as our system collects information such as how many times your ad played and even an estimate of how many people visited the host establishment each month. Use this valuable data and we will work with you to make and changes in your strategy in order to maximize ad produced revenue. When you win, we win!

Step 4

Be confident.   You can rest assured the equipment your ad is being displayed on is designed for high resolution digital advertising and because of our system protocols, only paid advertising uploaded by DreamScape Connection, LLC, can be shown on these specific networked units.

Commercial grade TVs are perfect for advertising..

…and are much different than consumer level flat screens.  A brighter, more visible picture in nearly every environment and position make your beautiful ad even more eye-popping  and brilliant to the viewer.  Not only that, but our built in network is self sustainable and practically free of any possible downtime. New ad loops upload automatically to screens everywhere!

Digital signage advertising has stopping power!

63% of adults say that it catches their attention. This is the highest level reported across all media surveyed, including TV, the Internet, billboards, magazines, newspapers, radio, and mobile phone advertising. According to Seesaw Network’s Digital Out-of-Home Media Awareness & Attitude Study, United States 2016 – people rate advertising on digital signage more positively than other media across multiple measures.